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 3Y5X - Bouvet Island

One of the most wanted DXCC entities.


In 1969 I began in ham radio as a short wave listener with identification NL516. It was fun as a SWL to receive QSL cards from all over the world. Some of those cards came from entities which no longer exist today.  Since 1974 I am a licensed ham radio operator with call sign PA0FVH. For many years I was active from Delft, where I operated PI4TTC during contests and fielddays. For a period of ten years in the 80s/90s I ran the QSL service for region R09 Delft.

In 1996 I moved to Veenendaal and after fifteen years of inactivity I picked up the hobby again and started with a magnetic loop antenna. At that time I was living in an apartment building and my antenna space was limited to my patio on the fifth floor. Stealth hamming was the key word. I was using the aluminum fire escape ladder (10m high) as a vertical antenna on the lower bands. Tuning was done with the CG-3000 automatic antenna tuner. If antenna space is limited, you have to be creative.

PI4TTC Fieldday 1981PA6A PACC contest 2016








PI4TTC Fieldday 1981                                               PA6A PACC contest 2016 (me behind IC-7600)

My current antenna is a 44ft doublet fed by open line and CG-3000 remote ATU on my patio on the top floor of a four-story apartment building.

I will QSL 100% to any direct QSL received, SAE appreciated, no need for IRCs or (green) stamps. All my logs from 1974 onwards are on LoTW. I like chasing DX and operate many RTTY contests.

I enjoy receiving paper QSL cards and I am using a FDC (First-Day-Cover) album to showcase my QSLs. For each DXCC entity, currently 339, I have a place holder in the album. It is my ATNO (all time new one) album.

QSL album (FDC album prepared to hold all 339 DXCC entities)

Fred Verburgh PA0FVH

Latest QSL (paper)

phoca thumb l sv2rsg

SV2RSG - Mount Athos

Operator at PA6A (PACC contests)

I support the DX Code of Conduct

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